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Artwork, Commissions

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary school commissioned a piece based on a space theme and Tim Peake’s mission to the ISS. I based parts of my design on examples of the children work, created in workshops at the school. The colours were chosen by the school as their uniform is blue and yellow the text was picked by the children too. I researched the theme a bit, trying to get the right badges for the Tim’s mission, and added the images of a dog and monkey for Laika and Albert the names of the dogs and monkeys used in test flights by Russian and American space agencies.

Ourladyoflourdes Newso Tim Peake Tim Peake by Newso

Bodyshop – Enrich Not Exploit

Artwork, Commissions

Gent and I were asked to come up with a response to The Body Shop campaign, Enrich Not Exploit, it was good to have such an open brief. I researched Anita Roddick’s ethos and her aims when she started the company and I looked into where the company took its resources from. The Body Shop started by widely marketing natural ingredients as alternatives for mainstream products as well as being part of a movement for fair trade. We are developing more understanding now that whole food plant based diets, less chemical products and sustainable lifestyles are better for the health of the planet and ourselves. Together the concept we worked on for this wall was of enrichment through knowledge and how the knowledge of ancient and indigenous societies can have a positive impact on the future of humanity. The Ayapo tribes womans’ face is split to show we’re looking into her knowledge or her past. The layer of an ancient Mayan statue with constellations fading out into the far distance, was to provide that idea of the past knowledge. And the young boy in front was to give an idea of the present day, the page was intentionally left blank. If you’d like to check it out the mural is on the front of Blotto music studios, Floodgate Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, UK.

Forty8s - Newso Gent48 - graffiti mural - The Body Shop - Enrich not exploit - Blotto music studios - Floodgate St Digbeth Birmingham JS82785543 JS82785567 JS82787978